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  • Diana Hamilton writes poetry, fiction, and criticism about style, shit, art, kisses, dreams, fainting, writing, and re-reading.

  • She has published three books—God Was Right, The Awful Truth, and Okay, Okayas well as some chapbooks.

  • Her writing has appeared in BOMB, Frieze, Art in America, the Believer, The Brooklyn Rail, Amodern, Esopus, Lambda Literary, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Model Homes, The Recluse, et al.

  • Here’s a list of past talks, readings, panels, etc.

  • You can walk through audio recordings of her dreams in the first-person shooter by Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford, Diana Hamilton's Dreams (Gauss PDF), a sister project to The Awful Truth.

  • She is working on a novel about a shit advice columnist, Shit Advice Columnist.

  • She received her PhD in Comparative Literature from Cornell University, where she tried to determine what “style” is. It is a structure.

  • She was a resident at Blackacre Reserve Writing Residency and BHQFU. Otherwise, she resides with the poet Shiv Kotecha and the cat Émile, a.k.a. Monster. Though everyone in the house writes about each other, only Monster isn’t sorry for it. No one is a couple in this scenario.

  • Her earliest books (ages 8–11) appeared via The Dolphin Publishing Co. at Davis Park Elementary School in Terre Haute, Indiana, where her subjects included cops’ suicides, abusive relationships, escaped polar bears, dead cats, and grief.

  • She is the director of the Baruch College Writing Center.


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