SOME POEMS & Some Stories


bomb (2018): “attempt to be adequate to the experience of loving an animal”

brooklyn rail (2018): “Autobiography of fatness”


triangle house review (2018): “Expository Writing On Some Kisses”

Revue svetovej literatúry (2017.3) / Review of world literature (tr. into Slovak)

Social Text Journal (2016): "Epistolary Romance on Love and Friendship"

Open House (2016): "Full-Time Position Available"

Convolution No. 4 (2016): "WRITE IN YOUR SLEEP: An Annotated Bibliography of Dreams"

Tender (2016): "Five-Paragraph Essay on Third Heartbreak"

Nat Brut (2016): "A4"

The Fanzine (2016): "Persuasive Essay for Sex Ed"

Prelude Magazine (2015): "Essay on Bad Writing" (poem)

Lambda Literary (2015): "We Always Treat Women Too Well"

Rabbit Poetry (2015): "Advice on Fear and Trembling"

Imperial Matters (2014): "Some More Shit Advice"

Bomb (2013): "Universe"

P-Queue (2013): "Shit Advice Columnist"

Birkensnake (2013): “Die”

Mondo Bummer (2012): "The Crying Library"

Two Serious Ladies (2012): "Hair-pulling" (poem)

Model Homes issue 4 (2011): from Okay, Okay

The Recluse 7 (2011) "Recourse"

ASBDQ (2011) ”Discharge"

Esopus 14 (2010): "The Irenologist" (in "The Suzanne Bocanegra Recipe Card Library," download entire pdf here)

The Physical Poets Home Library Volume 4 (2010) from "Let It Out"

The Portable Boog City Reader 3 (2009) "No Exit" (page 10)